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relief history

Postby dgalaxy » Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:39 pm

Hi i am doing the trial version of meshcam pro i was wondering is there away to rename the reliefs for editing instead of like all of them saying shape region can you rename it to outside blue color or rename to out side eagle wings red or something along those lines

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Re: relief history

Postby Randy » Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:16 am

Hi John, and welcome to the forum. I'm not really familiar with the Art part of MeshCAM, but I fooled around for a while and don't see a way to label the color regions. There are a couple of people here with much Art experience so hopefully one will speak up.

In any case, it sounds likee a good thing to bring up as an enhancement request with Robert. If the capability already exists, he will point it out or maybe add it to the Help menu.

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Re: relief history

Postby ArchieF » Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:47 pm

Hi Randy, hi John,

I think relabeling the color regions is not possible at the moment. Looking at a saved script (*.mcs) you don't see a Shape Region command. Only commands as described in the help file.
From the help file :

MeshCAM has an embedded scripting language to allow common tasks to be performed automatically. MeshCAM uses the Lua language,, with additional commands added for MeshCAM-specific functionality

But it would be a nice feature.

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Re: relief history

Postby dgalaxy » Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:04 am


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Re: relief history

Postby AdPrinter » Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:43 pm

Hi John,
Sorry I haven't been on the site in awhile. I too, would like to see some method of labeling the various colors edited. It would simplify things for sure.
But it is possible to create your own "History file" using the old-fashioned method of pen and paper. What I am referring to here, is to make up a sheet such as a spread sheet, which lists each color with column headings for Shape, degrees, positive or negative, starting height, etc. And as you are editing the shape, record this information on your printed-out sheet. Then, at least you have something to refer back to, even though you still have to start over with your shape editing. By trial and error, you will be able to see the results. Over time of doing things this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with things.
For example, I have learned that background colors should be set to the deepest possible cutting depth (negative starting depth) to establish a "Floor" for the relief. The remaining colors in the mid-ground, and foreground are edited with a slightly shallower depth of cut (negative starting depth). Also, for Round shapes in particular, the larger the area to be shaped as "Round" the higher that area of color will be, when shaped. By selecting the "No Limit" option when editing a given color as Round, and also entering a large number of degrees, that area of the drawing can actually exceed the physical thickness height of your stock. I know that MeshCAM can be rather daunting, to wrap your head around. But if you use my suggestion of keeping a written record of what you do to each color, you will eventually gain a comprehension of how to control it.
I don't use MeshCAM Art for machining, but rather for wood carvings. Once you finally Get It, you can actually use the software as a Digital Sculpting tool! For example, suppose you are carving a shape such as a Globe. And you want the map to appear on the face of the Globe, as well as the latitude and longitude lines. When in the artwork creation software, simply draw the globe as a blue circle, and the land masses as yellow, and of course the latitude and longitude lines in black. When editing your shape in MeshCAM Art, select all three colors, select Round, 55 degrees, with a starting depth equal to the starting depth of your background color. When MC finishes shaping the three colors, it will appear as a half sphere on the relief. Go back into the shape editor, and this time select only the yellow. Set the shape as Angle, and adjust the slider to 1 (zero would be best, but 1 is as low as it will go). Set the starting depth to -0.03"
When MC finishes the shape, you will see the land masses appear on the face of your globe. Go back into the shape editor once more, and repeat the steps for the black, with a starting depth of say -0.05" When MC finishes the shape, the latitude and longitude lines will appear on both the face of the globe, and the land masses. The reason for selecting all three colors in the beginning of this example, is so that MC will treat all three as a single object. (When shaping the face of the globe), then by editing the Yellow, and then the Black separately, these colors shapes will be altered from their new, "existing" shape. Further editing is still possible, until you achieve the desired results.
When I am working in MeshCAM Art, I always click on an area of the screen, which is below (and OFF of) the drawing and drag it upward slightly, usually twice, in order to orient the 3D view of the drawing into a position which mimicks reality. In this way, I am able to better see the results of each shape editing that I do. (As opposed to the default, Overhead view). Don't worry too much about the spikes that sometimes appear around the edges of each color in the drawing, as you can make these disappear with the Smoothing option. (Just WAIT until the very last color has been edited before selecting Smooth).
I hope this helps you to learn MeshCAM Art. It really is a powerful program, that you can use to carve almost any shape. Once you understand how to use it. Enjoy!
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