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MeshCAM 7 Beta 4

Postby larynx » Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:55 pm

Short review:


Seems the initial menu one or two steps to the next - but then auto display of the next choice stops so you need to go to the menu or the "buttons" which are limited in function and not labeled [got to get to know]
Display is better, can display a file with a lot of holes - all holes when using "simulation" show as cut rather than some not displayed but have "cutter rapids and cutter lines" displayed in version 6

I personally think the menu needs to step through all options [next, next, next...] if this is the new menu method - these little buttons could just be hidden or a "step menu on the left"
The display - wish I could upload this file - does NOT allow one to see a series of holes when using "include/exclude" due to the display rendering NOTHING but a flat surface when in top down view. This was an issue with v6 too.
Still no way to enter include/exclude dxfs for areas to machine or not machine
SEEMS to be faster than the previous BETA on an overall computation of machining, did not fail
The final "machine menu" where you can see the simulation sometimes is VERY slow when turning check boxes on/off "show rapids...and such"

Attaching a very simple file [txt] please rename to [STL] if you wish to use it that displays this behavior on my computer - never mind - can't upload a "txt" or "stl"
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Re: MeshCAM 7 Beta 4

Postby larynx » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:36 pm

I guess I should be a little more clear - when looking top down on a model file that has a flat top or even some angled tops - with lots [or few for that matter - even one hole or pocket] you can not see anything but a flat even surface. Makes it extremely hard to use the include exclude since there is no reference to where they are - invisible. It would be very nice to at least have a circle of alternate color displayed for where the edges are actually in the display.

Tried to upload pictures [jpg] of screen - but board quota has been reached. So go see them here - hope the link keeps working:


Now that I know how to edit and post images/files elsewhere [while possible] I will update this post as I go with more of my details and comments for BETA 4
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Re: MeshCAM 7 Beta 4

Postby garyo1954 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:05 am

Any Problems with the Z axis?
I'm guessing but it seems goes up the total height of the stock depth plus the safe Z.
(The work around is to drop my Z to table height, which will be new (to me)).

You are so right. Processing is faster. Much faster! If I integrate that into V6 I'd be a happy camper. Well, no! I like the new look interface too.
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